Truth #1: You’re settling somewhere in your life.  It could be your romantic relationship, your friendships, your career, or your health.  In some aspect of your life, you’re telling yourself, “This is good enough.”  But deep down you know it’s not.  You want more.  Maybe you told yourself that “good enough” was only temporary, and you vowed to change things “later.”  Well, when did “later” happen?  Yesterday?  Two months ago?  Will “later” happen tomorrow?  Here’s the deal – straight up with no chaser: Stop lying to yourself and get busy NOW.  Make the decision that you won’t settle for anything less than extraordinary in every aspect of your life.

Truth #2: You are 100% capable of living your dream life, but fear has you captive.  Your inner-critic gremlin has you convinced that you can’t be, do, have, share, and/or create anything you want.  That ugly gremlin tells you that what you want in life is too hard/scary/unconventional/unrealistic.  It bullies you into believing that you’re too old, too inexperienced, too naïve, or not “enough” of something.  I’m here to remind you that the underlying beliefs fueling your inner critic (e.g., “I’m not good enough” or “I don’t deserve success and fulfillment”) are not factual; they are fictionalized stories created years ago that have overstayed their welcome in your life.  It’s time to acknowledge and release those self-defeating lies.  Search deep down for the truth in your heart.  Tune out all outside noise and really pay attention to your inner wisdom.  It’s only when we betray it or try to tune it out that things go awry.

Truth #3: Happiness is a choice.  One of my favorite books is Bronnie Ware’s international bestseller The Top Five Regrets of the Dying.  Ware was a hospice nurse for several years and cared for patients in the last few weeks of their lives.  According to Ware, one of the most common deathbed regrets is, “I wish I let myself be happier.”  Ware says, “Many did not realize until the end that happiness is a choice.”

True and lasting happiness won’t magically appear when you lose weight, get married, have a baby, get a promotion, or take that epic trip to the Maldives.  The power to be happy is not out there.  It’s in you.  Take charge of your happiness.  It’s a creation, so start building it.

Truth #4: By not loving yourself, you’re cheating yourself out of your life.  Self-love is fundamental to life’s happiness.  Without it, you’ll constantly be wondering what’s wrong with you, why things “never work out,” and why you aren’t getting what you want.  You’ll wander through life trying to get love from someone or something (e.g., retail therapy, over-eating, over-exercising, excessive drinking) outside of yourself.  Accept and honor this fact: love is within you, it’s your nature, and it will never leave you.

Truth #5: You are truly an awesome, amazing human being.  Yes, this is a hard truth.  What would happen if you admitted this? What would change?  How would you show up differently in your life?  What could happen then?

Get out of your own way and BE AWESOME.

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