20 Signs You’re Happier Than You Give Yourself Credit For

Being happy can feel like a chore, especially when you’re depressed, suffering from anxiety, or stressed from life drama.  Yet we keep trying, reaching, pining for that golden nugget to help us through the rough patches.

The truth about happiness is that it’s not a destination.  It’s an opportunity to be present and practice reaching joy in the moment.  I’ve learned this truth firsthand from overcoming depression, body image struggles, toxic relationships, crippling grief, and from leaving a corporate career that suffocated my soul: Happiness is a choice we must cultivate daily, moment by moment.

Many of my life coaching clients express their dissatisfaction with where they are in life.  I turn their attention to the amazing things they’re already doing.  In our pursuit, we sometimes forget how far we’ve come.  When we can turn down the mind and drop to the heart, we can see many of us are doing a phenomenal job at navigating the treacherous trenches of our lives.

Life is hard when you think it is, but consider the possibility that you’re doing so much better than you give yourself credit for.  Here are 20 signs that you’re happier than you think:

  1. Being happy is no longer a chore.
  2. You no longer focus on your problems.
  3. Your relationships are less dramatic.
  4. You no longer complain or blame others for your situations.
  5. Your dreams are coming true.
  6. You know life isn’t supposed to be hard. Life isn’t happening to you, it’s happening for you.
  7. You like who you are, and you know you’re doing the best you can.
  8. You smile often, even when you’re alone.
  9. You feel a sense of peace in your heart.
  10. You see life as an adventure and are more comfortable in the unknown.
  11. You don’t take yourself so seriously.
  12. You feel your feelings and allow yourself to work through them.
  13. You lean into love more than fear.
  14. You’re more comfortable in silence.
  15. You’re kind to yourself with your thoughts, and you’ve dropped the victim mentality.
  16. You allow people to be who they are instead of trying to change them.
  17. You don’t take things personally. You know it isn’t about you.
  18. You give without expecting anything in return.
  19. You take risks with your heart.
  20. You don’t settle.


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