Every person that passes through our lives contributes to our life stories.  There are those who play large roles and make deep impressions, and others who make only a brief, special appearance before life takes them in another direction.  It’s a rare gift when someone with whom we created a meaningful connection suddenly reappears in our lives after a long absence.

Though the world may seem full of more people than we could ever know, we are often drawn to people with similar energy, which brings us together time and time again.  On first meeting, the characters in our life stories may seem familiar.  We may know each other from past lives or perhaps we merely recognize the energy of a kindred spirit.  But when fate brings old friends back into our lives, there’s always a reason.  They may act as messengers, reminding us of a part of ourselves we have forgotten to nurture.  They might appear to give us a chance to react in a new way to an old situation.  They may even bring up unresolved issues so that we may complete them, giving us the chance to move forward on our life journey.  Their reappearance is more than mere chance.  They may never know what they bring into our lives, but the renewed contact is a gift.

If this hasn’t happened to you, maybe you are meant to initiate contact by seeking out old friends. If old friends come to mind or into your dreams, use their appearance as an excuse to get in touch.  If an old song or movie reminds you of them, reach out to share the gift of renewed contact.  Wherever you fall in the circle of connection and reconnection, be sure to look beyond the surprise of the moment to enjoy the deeper gift that this revelation brings.



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