Is It Better to Use Your Head or Heart When Faced with A Decision?

Decisions . . . they can be liberating or paralyzing.

They’re liberating if we relish in the freedom we have when it comes to choosing everything from our daily workout to our next vacation to our thoughts.

But they are paralyzing if we hang out in limbo waaaaaaay too long going back and forth between options.  Our head may be telling us one thing, while our heart is nudging us toward another.

When it comes to making a choice, is better to listen to our head or our heart?

We are all blessed with both analytical thought and intuitive feelings, which are both useful when it comes to making a choice.  Now, since I’m so passionate about personal growth, you may assume that I always encourage making heart-based decisions over head-based decisions. And yes, most of time that’s true.  BUT sometimes, we must let our head be a little louder.

Your heart is incredibly wise; however, sometimes what feels like inner knowing is actually an emotional response that could be coloring your better judgment.  When our emotions take over in decision-making, we don’t think as clearly.  Of course, you don’t want the pro/con lists your head makes to silence the wisdom of your heart, which is why it’s important to differentiate between what’s truly your intuition versus emotional attachment to something.

When you’re in limbo about a choice, consider your values and long-term vision.  Put aside your feelings for a moment and ask, “What choice is going to take me toward my vision and is most aligned with my values?”

Then trust the guidance you receive.



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