Here we are again—summer is officially winding down, we’ve entered a new month, and we’re settling into new schedules as we greet a new season.  September is emotional healing month, and it’s a great time of year to dive deep.  There really isn’t a soul on this planet that doesn’t need a little help with emotional healing, and I’m always so amazed by the bravery of my clients who are open to healing a wound.

With that in mind, do you ever feel like the same situation or problem keeps coming up in your life again and again in different forms?  A common one that I see relates to dating — many people have told me they feel like they keep manifesting the same (toxic) relationship with different partners.  Maybe you can relate?

Or maybe you keep repeating a cycle when it comes to money, or with your job.  Maybe you have a physical problem that resurfaces every so often.

These are called spiritual assignments, and they show us that the Universe is always guiding us, even when it doesn’t feel like it.  The Universe wants you to heal — so you’ll keep being presented with your assignments until you choose to heal them.

Here are 6 steps to recognize and show up for your spiritual assignments:

Step 1: Recognize the spiritual assignment and call it by its name.

Its name is fear!  When you find yourself in a super uncomfortable situation, recognize and accept that fear has shown up in this way to get your attention.

When you can see the situation as an assignment, that’s the beginning of healing. 

Step 2: Accept that you can’t avoid the spiritual assignment.

Ken Wapnick, one of the great teachers of A Course in Miracles, says:

“We should be grateful for all the situations that make us the most uncomfortable, because without them we would not know there is something unhealed within us.”

Take that in. Read it again. How awesome is that?

Can you be grateful for your discomfort and see it as an opportunity to grow and do more healing work, instead of seeing it as a punishment to complain about?  When a spiritual assignment comes up for you, simply thank it for giving you the chance to heal.

Step 3: Honor your feelings.

Let yourself be present with your pain and fear.  If we want to get with the root cause of these assignments and really show up for them, we must be willing to feel the pain.

When you notice yourself triggered by your spiritual assignment, acknowledge the fear and breathe into the pain.  By feeling the pain, you allow it to pass through you, and you strip away its power.

Step 4: Call on compassion.

When I recognize a spiritual assignment come up in my own life, I don’t judge myself for being back in the old belief system.  Instead, I honor myself for being willing to heal and witness. When you have the courage to witness your Universal assignment, take a moment to call in self-love and say, “Here’s this old belief system again, but I’m awesome for showing up for it.”

Being compassionate toward yourself is a big part of healing your old wounds! 

Step 5: Place your faith in the Universe.

To help you place your faith in the Universe when you’re dealing with your spiritual assignments, try saying this prayer that Gabby Bernstein included in her book, The Universe Has Your Back:

“Thank you, Universe, for presenting me with this divine assignment for spiritual growth and healing.  I am ready and willing to show up for this assignment with love.  I welcome your support.  Show me where to go, what to do and what to say.  I trust I’m being guided.”

Step 6: Take care of your side of the street.

I first heard this saying when I attended Al-Anon meetings to help me deal with my brother’s alcoholism.  Here’s what this little nugget of wisdom has done for me:

* Kept me from saying and doing what I would regret later
* Kept me from reacting before I could process the situation
* Helped me to see that I ALWAYS have a choice
* Humbled me to the fact that I often wanted to act out in a very immature way
* Allowed me to live with integrity
* Guided me to behave in a way that I was proud of

So often when we’re caught up in a spiritual assignment, we create a lot of unnecessary drama!  And we often want to blame other people for our discomfort.  Before you say or do something that doesn’t feel in alignment with who you want to be, ask yourself “Am I keeping my side of the street clean?”  It doesn’t matter that others don’t.  We are only responsible for our actions.


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