Everyone experiences challenges.  Everyone experiences opportunities for growth.  Everyone faces fears.  And everyone can receive rewards for being courageous enough to face those fears.  But, not everyone is ready or open to receive those rewards.

Just as there can be a limit on how much suffering you can tolerate, there can also be limits on how much happiness and flow you can tolerate.  Instead of hitting the bottom and not being able to take any more, you can hit the top — your upper limit — and not know how to take any more.

The part of you who’s conditioned to expect less somehow sabotages the good that is flowing, leaving you in familiar (albeit somewhat unsatisfactory) territory.  It might be old, subconscious patterns attracting a hazard that stops the flow.  Or, it could be the more conscious part of you coming up with excuses and rationalizing why you shouldn’t challenge yourself and move forward beyond the confines of your comfort zone.

If you can recognize your habits and acknowledge that you’re scared, then you’re already on your way to breaking through that fear.  Sit with it.  Ask yourself what it is you’re really scared of?  What do you think is really blocking you from reaching your full potential?  Why do you think you feel like this?

Then, the best way to face the fear is to ask yourself, “What’s the worst thing that could happen if this reality came my way?”  Imagine it with as much detail as you can, and question whether that worst thing is really that bad after all?  (Spoiler alert: It’s not).

Then, ask yourself an even more important question: “What’s the best thing that could happen if this dream became reality?”  Reconnect with the longing and bliss of opportunity and possibility, rather than the fear and upper limits.  And guess what?  The best thing that can happen is that you’ll achieve your dream and then blow past it to dream even bigger and achieve more than you ever imagined!  How does that sound?

You’re worthy and deserving of success and living your best life, whatever you determine that to be.  If it means living in a beautiful home, fantastic!  If it means earning good money doing what you love, fabulous!  If it means enjoying a simpler lifestyle free of toxic people making demands on your time and energy, go for it!  If it means learning to love who you are and treating yourself with more kindness, wonderful!

Your heart knows you.  It hears your longing and will draw your dreams to you.  Your job is to unblock the upper limits to allow the dream through.  And you can do this by asking those two questions – “What’s the worst thing that can happen?”, followed by “What’s the best thing that can happen?”

The best thing that can happen is that you’ll experience joy like never before.  The best thing that can happen is that you’re open to all the bounties that the Universe wants to share with you.  The best thing that can happen is happiness.

The best thing that can happen is that you break free of upper limits and open to the blessings waiting to arrive in your life!

So, go on, please, it’s time to ask yourself,

What’s the best thing that can happen?


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