I learned about the Law of Association from listening to a Jim Rohn seminar.  The Law of Association says that you’ll become the average of the five people you spend the most time with.  You’ll think how they think, act how they act, talk how they talk, and earn how they earn.

Let me tell you something.  This law is real.  You can’t fight it.

I’ve done three things over the past several years when it comes to my associations:

First, I’ve disassociated with the people who were toxic to my life.  This isn’t an easy decision (particularly when some of those toxic people are family members), but it’s an important one.  Some people will try to keep you down permanently.

Second, I’ve limited my associations with negative people or people who weren’t helping me grow in the direction of my dreams.  I’ve just learned to spend less time with those people and more time on positive influences.

Third, I’ve worked to expand my associations with people who can help me become a better person and a better professional.

If this is a little too stressful to think about when you’re looking at the five people you’re spending your time with right now, here’s a little tip:  About every six months, one of the people in your five will change.  They’ll move, get a new job, start a relationship, end a relationship – something will happen.  The secret is, when that happens, choose very wisely when you’re thinking about who’s going to take their place.  Most people don’t think about this at all.  They just let the next person fall into that place.  That’s a big mistake.  Find someone who will push you.  Find someone who will inspire you.  Find someone who will lift you up.

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