One decision can create a big shift in your life and propel you forward.  Even just one small forward movement can cause a positive ripple effect.  This step often impacts us in ways we can’t predict or may not even fully recognize at first.

Change begins with making a different choice.

Taking a single step today allows everything else in your life to shift toward your new and better life.

During the transition from leaving behind our old beliefs and creating new ones, we start to notice our habits and patterns.  Sometimes, you have to tiptoe an inch at a time.  That’s okay. Each step you take will give you more courage to dissolve a habit or pattern and live into life beyond the familiar.

It starts with installing new beliefs to upgrade your operating system so you can catch yourself when you default to thinking and behaving in limited and self-defeating ways.  You’ll start to notice yourself attracting a situation that’s similar to others you’ve attracted in the past—and in the moment you can make a conscious choice not to engage in the old habit or pattern.  This is how change happens, and how our negative beliefs cease to have power over us.

Recognize the costs of staying in situations that no longer serve you.  Remember not to beat yourself up for excuses that kept you stuck in the past!  We can’t go back, but we can begin again right now.

One authentic choice leads to another, and you’ll find you’re on your way to the life you desire.

When your “change muscle” becomes stronger, you’re less likely to get stuck in circumstances that hold you back or keep you small.  If you know how to make little changes, you can make adjustments as you go.

Life is a series of course corrections. 

Each change you make gives you permission to make another.Though-no-one-can-go-back-and-make-a-brand-new-start-anyone-can-start-from-now-and-make-a-brand-new-ending-Carl-Bard

Your present moment choices are the crystal ball that will predict your future.




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