I have a mind, but I’m not my mind.  I have a brain, but I’m not my brain.  I have thoughts, but I’m not my thoughts.

 A favorite mantra of mine, and an amazing rule of thumb:

Your life is what your thoughts make it. 

That’s amazing news because you can upgrade your thinking in a second — and in that very moment your state changes.  And when your state changes, your world changes.  And you have total control over your thoughts – IF you’re aware of them.

Big IF.  Train yourself to become amazing at noticing your thoughts and whenever you feel an unpleasant emotion, remember that in that moment you’re believing a lie.  Change your story, and your life experience changes.

No matter what the subject matter of the unpleasant emotions – stress, depression, anger, shame, etc., all you need to do is notice it, remember that it’s entirely the result of believing a lie, and then upgrade your interpretation of your reality in that moment.  Rewrite your story.  Inspire yourself!  Get enthused!  Be in appreciation!  Be in awe!  Be in gratitude!  All of these states activate intelligence and creativity – and help you rediscover how amazing you – and this gift of life – are.


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