One thing I witness a LOT of my clients doing is worrying about WHY things are happening the way they are in their dating lives.

“Why is she pulling away?”

“Why doesn’t she want me?”

“Why haven’t I found my life partner yet?”

“Why is this taking so long?”

The problem is — asking WHY questions like this is POINTLESS and will only drive you insane.

So instead of asking why…which hands your power and energy over to someone or something else…..

What’s more helpful is to ask yourself questions that put you in the driver’s seat of your life.

Questions that are WAAAY more productive to ask yourself are:

“How can I be enjoying myself more fully in this moment?”

“How can I find more peace in this situation?”

“How can I step things up in a way that delights me?”

“How can I spend my time right now so that I’m more lit up and empowered and happy?”

The key is to give up the WHYS and focus more on what you can be doing in this moment to move things forward in a good way.

It’s WAY better to put your energy towards things you can create change around than to sit around and soak in a bathtub full of ‘whys’ — which will only have you chasing your tail and going bats%$# crazy.

While you can’t control what shows up in your life sometimes — you CANcontrol what you choose to focus on and what you put your energy towards.

So instead of hyper focusing on the WHY’S….bring it back to YOU.

To what you want.

And to what you need to do to move towards what you want.

Because that is something you DO have control over!

And that is definitely something worth focusing on! 😉


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