When something is “off” in your life, you know it.  And it takes an incredible amount of energy to continue the denial—energy that could be used toward letting go of the old and inviting in the new.  That’s what I learned when I finally walked away from my legal career and pursued my dream of being a coach.  And, to my great delight, the new was so much better!  If I’d just been able to let go sooner, I could’ve started my new life years earlier.

We deceive ourselves in all sorts of ways.  For so long, my self-worth was tied up in how much of a chameleon I could be.  How much could I please people?  How well could I turn myself into what they needed?

Becoming what they wanted brought me the most validation, but it was a false validation. I was loved for my façade, not for me.  When I finally let the façade go, I discovered that, yes, there were people in the world who would love me for my true self, even though I wasn’t perfect and decided to stop living the life that other people wanted me to live.  I learned that I could not only survive if I embraced my truth, but actually thrive because of it. We’re meant to be fully and truly who we are.  If we’re living authentically, we might show different aspects of our personalities in different situations, but none of them will be false.

It’s impossible to maintain a false identity without consequences.

It takes a lot of energy to hold up a mask, to continue a story, to portray a role that isn’t true.  When you stop and tell the truth, so much energy becomes available to you—energy that can be used to live the life you want.

Imagine what would be available to you—energy, time, insight, freedom, fun—if you let the mask fall and committed to just being you.  What would it be like to be that transparent, genuine, and organic in your life?  Can you imagine it?

While the fear of revealing yourself is natural, doing so unburdens you.  It actually helps you overcome the fear of judgment.  Why?  Because we discover that people aren’t judging us nearly as harshly as we expect.  In fact, in my experience, people rarely judge us harshly when we show vulnerability.  The biggest issue is how much we judge ourselves.

What do you see could open up for you, what would be available to you, if you let your masks, roles, stories, and secrets fall and committed to just being you?  What energy, time, insight, freedom, or fun could you have more of or experience that you can’t experience right now?

What inner whispers have you been ignoring… and what freedom is waiting for you on the other side of truth?


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