We know how that saying goes. But really, when was the last time that you and your partner were playfulwith each other?

Like… had a random dance party in your living room, or jumped in the pool together with your clothes on, or teased each other until you both burst out laughing, or played twister while sharing a bottle of wine?

Sure, amazing relationships can be a lot of work.  And to really work well, they need us to be intentional, mindful, thoughtful, and respectful.

But they also need us to be playful, too.  Even silly!  Laughing together is always a wonderful way to connect.  And having fun together is a great way to find some relief from the serious stuff in life.

And doing that with your partner can lead to good memories and positive experiences.  Have some fun together.  Make a ritual of connection out of it.  What do you have to lose?


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