Hi!  I’m Karen!  Nice to meet you!

A few fun facts about me: I’m from Toronto, Canada.  As a young girl, I was kicked out of both ballet and Brownies (I eventually found my way onto the soccer field and ice rink where my lack of grace and penchant for disruption were more welcomed).  I’m a huge hockey fan (my former colleagues affectionately gave me the nickname “Puckhead”).  After surviving an abusive relationship in my early twenties and several toxic relationships in my late twenties, I’m now married to an amazing man.  And I’m a loving pet mom to five completely crazy felines.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been passionate about relationships.  I’m also a lifelong learner – fascinated by other people, the inner journey, and how to live a great life and have fulfilling, authentic, and inspired relationships.  Having worked in the corporate environment for nearly 15 years (I was a successful but incredibly unfulfilled lawyer), I’m also very familiar with how interpersonal relationships — both in and outside the office — can affect your personal and professional lives.  All of that has given me a deep appreciation of just how fun, rewarding, and complex relationships can be.

As a relationship coach, I’ve found my zone of genius.  It truly feels like less of a job and more of a pure calling for me.  There’s nothing more rewarding to me then being able to help support growth-oriented men transform their limiting beliefs and become the best version of themselves so they can thrive in love and in life.

I believe that the greatest asset I have to offer my clients is my own personal experience navigating relationships.  As I’ve lived it, breathed it, wrestled with it, and truly empathize with the challenges that come up around it.  The good news is — I came out on the other side with some damn good wisdom and tools to help others!  I’ve learned not only how to successfully navigate the challenges in relationships but how to thrive in the process!

Because finding and nurturing love doesn’t have to be hard.

Love comes in easily — and deepens over time — when we do the work we need to do on ourselves.

You don’t have to stay stuck, lost or confused in your relationship any longer.

It’s my pleasure and honor to support my clients in working through what’s been blocking them and helping them bring — and keep — abundant love into their lives.