Do you ever see clients for general coaching that doesn’t focus specifically on relationship issues?

Yes!  While most of my clients have relationship challenges that they’d like to examine and work on, if you’re struggling with other issues — transitions, self-esteem, anxiety, confidence, etc….. feel free to reach out and we can explore whether working together would be a good fit for both of us.

What is the age range of the clients you work with?

While most of my clients are between the ages of 27 – 45 years old, I work with people of all ages.  The truth is — it doesn’t matter what age you’re at….if you’re looking to create exquisite and authentic love, and you’re motivated to do what it takes to look at yourself and do the work that’s necessary — then I’m open to talking with you and seeing if we might be a good fit 🙂

How long do you typically work with your clients?

While every client is different, the minimum amount of time I’ll work with a client for is typically 3 months.  While every now and then, in certain circumstances, a client might just need a session here or there to help guide them through a tough spot, the truth is — change doesn’t happen overnight.  There’s no quick fix.  The things that have been keeping you stuck and unfulfilled are deep patterns that are engrained in you and they don’t disappear immediately.  It takes a little bit of time working together to really re-program old patterns and make a permanent shift in the way you’re showing up in your life.  While you’ll start seeing changes in your life within the first few weeks, I’ve found that it takes a minimum of three months to really dive in and and do the work we need to do together to make the deep, lasting changes you are truly looking for!

Do you see your clients in person or just by Skype/phone?

Both.  If you live near the Jacksonville, Florida area and want to meet live, I’d love to coach you in person.  For those who live farther away or out of the state or country, I do phone or Skype sessions.